The Inter-webs Today

The Inter-webs Today

In class this week (Writing for Social Change) we have been giving presentations on different social media interfaces and networks.  My topic for the presentation is on Pintrest with my group members.  What I would like to put forward as a large area for social change is how we use these and the internet in general as an area for change.  “The Web is a tool.” I was once told this by a college professor when I was in high school taking AP biology.  He told us to remember this. That it is not a toy, not a weapon, and defiantly not a way to do anything that is greater than a good old conversation.  It is something that can be used to do great things and that when it is misused bad thing happen and these bad things will affect many people.  Why do I say this?  Because I see a trend of many people using the internet in very wrong ways.  It is affecting how we live, how children live.  More and more I find ads to be more and more thing that I have no wish to see and that should not be seen as a generally ok thing to have pop up on a screen when I am working on hacking my email. I find that more and more people think that it is ok to put thing on their media that has no right to be there, that they should realize does not belong in the public view and that frankly, verges on the edge of being pornographic in nature.  The web needs to be cleaned up, how we approach posting and what we post needs to be changed and cleaned up.   


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