Drowning in Debt

Drowning in Debt

This post is going to be about a topic that was brought up in my psychology class this morning and in class on Wednesday morning.  It has also been brought up by the presidential campaign, mostly by Bernie Sanders when he was still in the running.  This is a post about the cost of college education.  Now I don’t complain about the costs of my undergraduate studies much in order to live with it and accept what I have.  But as it was brought up in an interesting way to me I have been thinking about it. 

The truth about it is that college education has jump in cost over a generation.  When my mother graduated from the Crane School Music at the then State College at Potsdam (it is now SUNY Potsdam) she was told that she had a $1,000 loan to pay off by her parents.  Most the college students in the world today go I wish that’s how it was for me.  The undergraduate student today graduates with $35,000 in college loan debt.  How is one expected to leave college, find a place to live, find a job (hopefully in the field they studied in) and begin to make money to pay for housing, food, insurance, gas and the huge college loan bill each month? 

There needs to be a change somewhere so that graduates can try to have a life after college and don’t feel chained to a sinking brick that will eventually start dragging.  I’m not saying that college should be free, but am saying that it’s a little ridiculous to be paying the equivalent of a mid-sized family’s annual income for 8 months of higher education each year.       college-debt 


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