Do I need this? Do I really need this?

The size of houses.  This is something we don’t think about unless we are looking to buy a new house or are stunned by the living conditions that someone else lives in.  Well the trend today in the United States is along the lines of bigger house = better.  But is it?  A large house is a bigger building to take care of and maintain over time.  It is more space to clean and more space that gets dirty.  It is more area to heat and heat costs money and is a necessary thing especially for those who do not live in a warmer environment.  The opposite of this that it is more area to cool down and this is a modern necessity for those in warmer environments in order to get anything done.  What are some of the pros that some people put out there?  More space to live in, more room to store stuff in, it looks nice/ cool.  Well I want to call for those to think about what they actually need, what the world actually needs.  Then take a look at what they want (building a house or buying a house) or what they have, then look at he some people live in in the world, what they live with, how they live. The poor and the impoverished and the homeless; do not ignore them and do not shove the out of mind, do not forget about the beauty of the world and how it is disappearing.   


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