The Arts

I want to in this post talk about the arts; a topic that I can say that I feel very strongly about.  I will try to make sure that I do not allow this feeling and opinion of mine to bias my presenting of this topic too much.  

The arts are ancient and we see them though out the ages and cultures of our history.  I see today and have seen this since a young age that many people would like to see an increase in pure sciences and a decrease in the arts or an increase in funding for sports and the sciences and a decrease in the arts.  Now this is a very general statement.  This concept of the arts as less important has deep roots in the scientific revolution.  But today I see an ever greater need to combat these concepts. 

Now when I say “The Arts” I am not just talking about painting and drawing; I am talking as well about the performing arts, music and dance.  I feel that removing these from the playing field as established and important fields of study is a very wrong concept and a very dangerous path to look at.  It is in art that we express that which we feel, cannot express in equations and theories.  Now there are both of these things in the arts but they are not seen as core and important to the essence of what art is.

Now one might say, I don’t see any evidence of a want for a decrease in the arts.  I will tell you to look a funding and regulations for schools, elementary through highs school, for example.  There are in many schools a struggle, many times unseen to an outside observer, between science and core, the art departments, and sports for funding recognition and regulation. 

So what I am saying is that it is important to be well balanced in our understating of life.  The arts are a beautiful part of this and they complement the sciences and athletics and vise versa.  We need to make sure that they, the arts, and there importance to each of our lives are not minimized or overlooked.          


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