Animal Charity

Most of us have had a pet of some kind in our lives, and if we haven’t, we know someone who has had or does have a pet of some sort.  We also encounter animals all around us, the birds that fly above our heads, the mice in the walls, the rats in the gutters, the deer in the parks and the list goes on and on.  This morning I even saw a chipmunk run across the path though AJ’s Way (a park/ walkway hybrid on the Gannon University campus with trees, gardens, benches and picnic tables).  But I am not working towards how we encounter animals in our lives, though this is a part of what I am going to write about here. 

Since about the time I was in high school I was brought into the awareness of animal charities.  This was mostly through my sister who is a great lover of animals (as is my whole family) who began build a great interest in the topic.  It now comes up in college as many things do in both ideal conversation and in studies.  In my case I see it a lot in ethics and morals while studying philosophy and theology.

My point is to get the question flowing in the minds ( I am not here attempting to  get a specific point of view across).  This question is that of whether we should give or should not give to charities that benefit animals.  Charities such as the ASPCA and other animal shelters, animal rehabilitation and education centers, and PETA (this is a wide spectrum that covers a lot of different charities with a variety of missions and presences).  But is it moral, ethical, socially justifiable, and should it be a point of social change to give charitably to animal related charities?   


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