Peace in Our Communities

September 9, 2016: Memorial of St. Peter Claver, Day of Prayer for Peace in Our Communities

Today in the Catholic Church in the United States is a day of prayer for peace in our communities. This has been implemented by the USCCB looking back on the violence and racial tension of the past few months. It is also the fruit of a task force of American Catholic Bishops in finding ways to help in the mending of the many suffering and broken communities throughout the country; as well as the spring board for looking to future hopefully of greater solidarity in our country.

More information:

Article on the Day of prayer form July 21, 2016:

Link to the USCCB hub on confronting racism and the day of prayer for peace in our communities:

5 Ways You Can Cultivate Peace and Work for Racial Justice:

I want to point out through this a way that social change and justice is being strived for in a peaceful and hopeful way. Unfortunately many times when confronted with stories of violence and injustice we feel vengeful in the compassion we feel and this often leads to a short term highly emotionalized response that can lead to bad decisions/ outcomes and fizzes out over time. Social change/ justice comes over time with acquired knowledge and good planning based on solid foundations of concern and genuine compassion.

God Bless the United States of America. Amen


One thought on “Peace in Our Communities”

  1. Joseph, these are wonderful resources! I want to talk more about them in class and bring them to the group’s attention. Thank you for sharing!


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